Coach at Day of Code!

The Day of Code is over for 2019: this page contains archived information.

Day of Code is inspired by RailsGirls but created specifically for people in the book industry. RailsGirls has proved it is possible to take people brand new to code and provide them with a useful taster day in a safe, inspiring environment. The format works by having small groups of delegates following detailed technical guides, supported by friendly coaches.

We want Day of Code coaches who feel confident on the command line, are able to read documentation and field questions from delegates. We do not need lifelong experts, though we are happy to recruit some of those, too! Already, we have some of the most prominent and enthusiastic publisher-programmers in the book trade signed on to coach, and we'd really like you to join us, particularly if you come from the tech world and have an interest in books. Enthusiasm and interest is the most important prerequisite for being a coach.

Day of Code is your chance to encourage publishing people who think that coding might be inaccessible to them, and to help shatter the illusion that coding is impossible, or 'not for people like me'.

What do I need to be a coach?

  • Patience, willingness to help, and a friendly attitude
  • Adherence to our Code of Conduct
  • Enough confidence to field all sorts of questions in a beginner-friendly way throughout the duration of the workshop, bearing in mind that sitting and Googling together is a great way to show how most programming works! You're not meant to know everything; your role is to calmly provide insights into how to find things out
  • Experience with web development helps, but any programming experience will be great
  • Some time to go through the tutorial before the event (we'll host an optional webinar walk through)

What will I get from being a coach?

  • A mug and sticker! In fact, there's even a repo to [extend the functionality of your mug](
  • Lunch!
  • Networking with 40 publisher and bookselling delegates at Day of Code, as well as hundreds of key representatives from the whole industry at FutureBook.
  • Day of Code is a non-profit event, with the main sponsors providing their time and resources for free. Sadly that means we are not offering to cover travel expenses and there is no fee.
  • Knowledge and CV points for helping to inspire a generation of publishers to be more familiar with code. Imagine what they'll build: you'll have helped them to get started. Or imagine what you can help them build in the future, with a clearer picture of what tech can do.

Interested? Great! Get in touch

We'd love to hear from you and can tell you more about what to expect. Drop a line to or DM @consonance_app.